Puremagnetik Announces ‘max Fuel, The First’ Bundle For Ableton Live

Puremagnetik has announced a comprehensive bundle of tools developed specifically for Max for Live. “Max Fuel, the First” will include numerous audio processors and instruments alongside other innovative sound manipulation devices. By utilizing the open framework of Max for Live, any Ableton Live 8 user can fully explore the limitless potential of Cycling ’74′s celebrated Max/MSP environment. “Max Fuel, the First” will instantly give the end user a professionally developed suite of tools to work with.

The first member of the group is Spectral Mixer and it is available as a free download from puremagnetik.com. Spectral Mixer allows the user to independently adjust a signal’s quiet, mid and loud parts. Puremagnetik has posted a detailed video of Spectral Mixer’s functionality on the product’s download page.

Most of the bundle is still in “witness protection”, but word on the street is that they have their own strong personalities: Bump loves the sound of his own voice, Drop thinks that hearing everything is overrated, Jumble just repeats whatever she is told, Stick has your back in a knife fight, Veer believes that too much of the right thing is wrong, and Yell does not understand 6 inch voices.

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