Synthmaster Updated To V2.0.3.3

KV331 Audio has released SynthMaster v2.0.3.3.


  • NEW: Factory/user waveforms can now be used in Basic/Additive oscillators and modulators.
  • FIX: Even if both oscillators are turned off, SynthMaster generates noisy output.
  • FIX: Arpeggiator is not synced to tempo correctly when engine quality >= 2.
  • FIX: ADSR/Multistage envelopes missing Sync button on the default skin.
  • FIX: When a note is instantly turned on and off (as in glissando playing), SynthMaster crashes.
  • FIX: ADSR Envelopes with sustain level set to zero enter into release stage suddenly.
  • FIX: KeyScaler parameters are not persisted correctly.

Product Page

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