The Loop Loft Releases The Art Of Brushes Volume 1

A full spectrum of brush performances are included in The Art of Brushes Volume 1 ($39.95), the latest sample library from The Loop Loft.

This comprehensive collection of brush-everything includes 103 loops that incorporate the warmth and ambiance that only brushes and a coated drumhead can provide. Through eight separate recording sessions, the folks at The Loop Loft recorded grooves ranging from jazz ballads and funky linear grooves to double-time “train” shuffles and folk rock back beats.

The Art of Brushes Volumes Vol 1 is the probably the largest, most versatile brush loop pack available yet. You’ll get royalty-free loops in a tempo range of 68 to 212 BPM, organized into eight different sets: 68_JazzBallad, 75_PopBallad, 79_Chill, 103_Funky, 140_Granola, 144_BackBeat, 179_FiveFour, and 212_Train. All content is of 24-bit, 48 kHz quality, in WAV, REX2, and AIFF formats.

To download the Art of Brushes Volume 1, please visit

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