Sony Acid Music Studio And Studio Devil Bvc

SONY Creative Music Software has teamed up with Studio Devil to combine our award-winning amp modeling algorithms with their feature-rich Acid Music Studio recording software.

SONY announced the release of SONY Acid Music Creator 8 this week, which now bundles SONY’s popular recording software with Studio Devil Amp Modeling Technology by including the Studio Devil British Valve Custom VST plug-in. With this plug-in, users of Acid Music Studio can dial in British guitar amp tones instantly and without any fuss. The ACID Music Studio edition of Studio Devil BVC features improved amp modeling and a custom tweaked speaker cabinet for a slightly different feel and tone from the original, with all of the same authentic realism and dynamic response you’ve come to expect from real amps, and from Studio Devil.

Now, anyone looking for an affordable, easy, and powerful way to lay down some tracks this summer can grab Acid Music Studio 8, and let the included Studio Devil BVC rock their tone for free!

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