Vengeance Multiband Compressor

Vengeance will be adding a Multiband Compressor to their line of plug-ins. The Mastering Suite will be the third plug-in next to Metrum: Kick Synthesizer VSTi and Vengeance Producer Suite: Multiband Sidechain plug-in.

Features :

• VST / PC & Intel Mac VST / AU – runs in all compatible hosts
• you can choose between 1 band, 2, 3 or 4 band mode
• high quality filter models, from 6db to 96db – without any phasing issues!
• up to 4 independent compressors (one per selected band)
• hard-/softknee mode, optional autogain, optional autorelease for every compressor
• graphical Ratio/Treshold curve display
• up to 4 limiters (one for each band) + 1 mastering limiter (sum), also with autorelease
• New York Compression: MIX knob, to bring back some original dynamic!
• live waveform scopes for every channel
• realtime FFT analyzer (in-/output overlay to compare dry and wet signals)
• unique new feature: the “DPC” (dynamic pattern compressor)
• anti distortion filters for ultra-short releasetimes
• many cool presets included: ranging from complete masterings to special fx
• all parameters are automatable (host)
• Copy Protection: elicenser USB Dongle required

Priced at €149, the new Mastering Suite will be available soon for Windows and Mac in AU and VST plug-in formats.

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