Vienna Dimension Brass

While every note was played by a well-rehearsed ensemble of four brass players, each instrument was recorded separately, which allows you to access each voice individually. Still, they sound like an ensemble and not like four soloists, whether playing in unison, divisi, or even in four-part harmonies.

You can run Vienna Dimension Brass with the free Vienna Instruments player that is included in the box.

4 Brass Ensembles – 16 Instruments

- Trumpet Ensemble (4 Trumpets in Bb)
- Horn Ensemble (4 French Horns)
- Trombone Ensemble (4 Trombones)
- Low Brass Ensemble (1 Tuba, 1 Bass Trombone, 2 Trombones)

Introductory price until February 15th 2011: € 495, £ 415.

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