Sampleholics releases Acoustic Kits for Stylus RMX

Sampleholics has released Acoustic Kits for Stylus RMX. Here’s what they say about it :

Your friends at Sampleholics have found a way to load individual drum sounds into Stylux RMX.  We’re freakin’ geniuses!
We’ve put together complete collections of kicks, snares, toms, hi-hats, rides and crashes. All mapped across your keyboard, ready for you to use to create your own beats, or to add as fills or spices to beats you already have.

You get!

•Kicks. From punchy close miked, to full on room sound. We even have a set called Caveman that you have to hear for yourself.
•Snares. 20 banks of snares! Close mic? Yep. Natural room ambience? Yep. Caveman? Yep.
•Toms. Toms and hi-hats are what RMX lacks most, so yeah, we did it right.
•HiHats. Yes, with open hats!   Finally!
•Ride cymbals. Tons. With alternates (L/R) for each cymbal, so patterns will sound realistic
•Crash cymbals. Tons more.
•And a whole bunch of extras, like cowbell, side sticks, rims, and brushes.
•And by popular demand – General MIDI kits!

Pricing : $59

Product Page

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