Text a Sweet Video Song to your Loved One for FREE !

Here at Dontcrack we like to do things “differently”. But we guess you already knew that, didn’t you?

Well today, we are offering… a tender Love Song that you may want to share with your loved one on Valentine’s day (February 14).

Now it might sound a bit “kitch” but we like it and we think your partner will love it ! It’s a short (1m30) unplugged version of the original with a cute heart beat animation. We’re pretty sure that she or he will find it very… “romantique”. (Works great on mobile devices) !

Text this sweet music video 2 your loved one’s smartphone for FREE :

I ❤ U

If you like what we do at DontCrack, Please Buy the FULL Version for ONLY $1 !

The Original Single “I Love U” is now available from the DontCracks store and ALL online stores listed below..

When purchased from the DontCrack store, customers will also receive the STUDIO SESSION with all 40 audio tracks as well as song lyrics with chords and more.

We hope many of you will enjoy re-mixing or re-arranging the song. We will open a group on SoundCloud for you to post original versions of the song.

If we happen to hear exciting things (which we don’t doubt we will) we might contact you to co-produce the song. We will never use any material or original concepts without prior written consent of the author(s). The actual version of the song and the audio files have been copy-protected to avoid any future conflicts.

We hope you appreciate our “different” idea. And that your partner who gets the song, gives you a big kiss in return ;-)

Imagine if 5 billion lovers shared “I ❤ U” on February 14…

About Rick Paris

The song was composed, performed and produced by Eric (alias Rick Paris) who is the President and CEO at DontCrack and Plug & Mix (yes, we all do music at DontCrack / P&M).

It’s a simple easy listening POP song with a strong 70s influence. The recording started in the office at DontCrack on a basic M-Box with Pro Tools (Acoustic Guitars + Voice).

Eric then moved the project to the basement studio where he recorded live drums, bass, vocals, electric guitars, keyboards, etc. He then mixed the song using ONLY Plug & Mix plug-ins which enabled him to get that “70s” mood very easily…

[The Plug & Mix V.I.P. Bundle is actually sold at the promoted price of ONLY $179 !]

Have FUN !
The DontCrack Team

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