Sound Radix updates available

Sound Radix has updated its suite of plug-ins, which includes the microphones phase alignment tool Auto-Align, pitch tracking equalizer SurferEQ as well as their phase correlation mixer Pi.

New Features:
VST3 format available.
OS X: Installer is signed for Gatekeeper.

Bug Fixes.
Windows: Fixed crashes in Pro Tools in machines with Nvidia GPUs.
Fixed rare crashes in plugin validation.
Sound Radix has also posted a version 1.0.4 update to its seamless 32 to 64-bit Audio Units adapter, 32 Lives.
The update includes numerous fixes and improvements including:
Fixed crash with URS plug-ins when writing automation.
Fixed Destroy FX Buffer Override tempo sync not working.
Fixed crash with IK Multimedia plug-ins in case the authorization wizard is left open for more than one minute.
Fixed crash with Arturia Analog Factory in Live.
Fixed memory leaks.
Added support for multiple screens.
Added support for plug-in windows resizing.
Resurrection fixes and improvements.
Enabled resurrection of Novation Automap and Longcat H3D.
The update is now available for downland and is recommended for all users.

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