XILS releases Vocoder 5000!

XILS-labs’ software-based Vocoder 5000 virtually emulates the fanciful filtering techniques and incredibly complex circuitry of its analogue predecessor to achieve the same organic sound, precision, and clarity. Just like the EMS Vocoder 5000 before it, XILS Vocoder 5000 can be made to ‘speak’ clearly in English and German — just like Kraftwerk… or in any other language for that matter!

Respectively resurrecting the still-sought-after sounds of the EMS VCS3 synthesiser and Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus keyboard in popular plug-in form as XILS 3 and XILS V+ certainly stood XILS-lab in good stead when it came to meaningfully modelling the EMS Vocoder 5000’s impressive feature set of no fewer than 22 bandpass filters and envelope followers; oscillators (modelled from the EMS VCS3); noise generator; frequency shifter; and spectrum analyser — including its distinctive 22×22 pin matrix patchboard, allowing any band of the modulator signal to be connected to any band of the carrier signal.

So while analogue vocoders like the esteemed EMS Vocoder 5000 typically analyse an incoming signal by splitting it into a number of tuned frequency bands with modulator and carrier signals being sent through a series of tuned bandpass filters — in the case of Kraftwerk’s beloved robotic voices, for example, the modulator is a microphone and the carrier is a noise or sawtooth waveform — with XILS Vocoder 5000 it’s just the same.

For more information on the Vocoder 5000, here is the product page.

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