Antares Auto-Tune EFX 3 on Promo!


Antares has just announced it is doing a promo on its extremely popular plug-in Auto-Tune EFX 3!

From today until the end of December it will be on sale at $49 instead of the usual $129…

Auto-Tune EFX 3’s new variable Retune Speed and Humanize controls provide an entirely new level of natural, realistic pitch correction. And with our unique Auto-Motion Vocal Pattern Generation, stunning new vocal effects are only a mouse click away.

The Auto-Tune Vocal Effect is what is technically known as “pitch quantization.” Instead of allowing all of the small variations in pitch and the gradual transitions between notes that are a normal part of singing, the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect limits each note to an exact pitch, stripping out any variation, as well as forcing instantaneous transitions between notes. The ‘Cher’ and ‘T-Pain’ effect!

Auto-Tune EFX 3 is available at the Special Promo price on the DontCrack store HERE.

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