MeldaProduction updates all effects and releases 6 new products!

MeldaProduction has been hard at work updating all their plug-ins and releasing no less than 6 new products!

These Six Exciting New Products are:

  • MMorph, which lets you morph between 2 audio sources, leading to inexhaustible creative potential.
  • MMultiBandWaveFolder, a powerful distortion module, inspired by analog, taken to a whole new level using digital processing.
  • MPhatik, a unique dynamic multi-effect featuring an amp, convolution and a compressor, which lets you warm up your audio and then restore the original dynamics.
  • MPolySaturator, a spectral saturation plugin, which generates harmonics for every single frequency in your signal, making the results sound richer and fuller.
  • MUnison, a unique combination of doubler/unison and smart harmonizer. It lets your vocals sound like an orchestra!
  • MXXX, It is a Modular Beast containing the entire collection of the MeldaProduction effects in a simple interface!

Some of the changes included in the new Version 9.22:

  • Various GUI improvements via coloration and layout. Also buttons are now sometimes forced in knobs mode to save space and increase clarity.
  • MLoudnessAnalyzer now provides Target LUFS and Limit parameters and displays units.
  • Added Minimum phase mode to MFreeformEqualizer.
  • Cursors now follow HiDPI/Retina.
  • Convolution IR library extended.

Buy the MPhatik and MXXX at special introductory prices and the see the other Promos on Meldaproduction products on The DontCrack Store.

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