Overload announces “Imagined Spaces”.

Overloud have a new REmatrix Expansion library, “Imagined Spaces”. Until the 31st of August it is available at the super price of $59 (MSRP $79).

This is a reverb library that will set your imagination on fire. Guaranteed to get you very creative results.

Imagined Spaces is a reverb library created with digitally synthesised IRs with the REmatrix Player included for free. With Imagined Spaces you can surprise your audience with ear shocking effects and add inspiring rhythmic structures to your tracks.

No recordings of real environments have been used: instead, the IRs have been developed in Kyma sound design environment with synthesis/processing algorithms in the frequency and time domain, to obtain eccentric ambiences with extremely different durations.

It includes a collection of 150 IRs. All of them are Digitally synthesized. 128 individual presets are included to let you experience the power of this Expansion Library and to let you get started on creating your own universes.

Imagined Spaces

Have a look and listen to some examples of the transformation of some ordinary sounds into something quite different and exciting!

“Imagined Spaces” is available right now on Promo (Only $59!!!) at The DontCrack Store.

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