Blue Cat Audio 25% Off Promo and Product Updates

Our good friends over at Blue Cat Audio have updated 3 of their best selling plug-ins today: Destructor, Patchwork and the MB-7 Mixer.

And, don’t forget, there’s the 25% promo continuing through January 6th, 2017.

Here’s what’s new…

What’s New for Blue Cat’s Destructor:
  • Memory usage optimization: unused graphical elements are now unloaded on plug-in window close instead of next time the window is opened.
  • Fixed (Windows): on older versions of Windows 7 with auto update turned off, the plug-in could fail to load.
What’s New for both Blue Cat’s PatchWork and MB-7 Mixer:
  • Fixed MIDI channel issue with VST3: MIDI channel for note events was offset by one in the VST3 plug-in version and when hosting VST3 plug-ins.
  • Improved perfomance when loading presets.
  • Increased fine edit window width (opens when double clicking on a control).
  • VST: fixed random latency compensation issues upon project load or when loading plug-ins while not playing.
  • VST: fixed bypass issue when using reverse range in MIDI/automation settings.
  • (Mac AU) Fixed latency compensation issues in Logic, on project load, or when loading plug-ins while not playing.
  • (Mac AU) Fixed GUI display issues when changing size in Ableton Live.
  • (Windows) new graphics for Windows installer.
What’s New for Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer:
  • Fixed random crash in Cubase.

Blue Cat Audio products are available through January 5th at up-to 25% off, at the DontCrack Store.


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