Ina GRM update GRM Tools plug-ins to version 3.7.0

Our good friends at Ina GRM recently released an update to all their GRM Tools plug-ins. Version 3.7.0 includes the following fixes and updates…

  • Freeze: agitation on Center and Width.
  • Freeze: cursor display.
  • StandAlone: variable speed on input file.
  • StandAlone: resample input file.
  • PitchAccum: new waveform for modulation.
  • Grinder: drag&drop on auxiliary file.
  • Grinder: play/stop synchronization on auxiliary file.
  • Trackpad and mousewheel management.
  • Warp: improvement of control of transfer line.
  • Trackpad and mousewheel management.
  • 2D controller: lock of horizontal or vertical displacements.
Bug Fixes:
  • Display improvement.
  • Crash in FL Studio.
  • Warp: loading of transfer line.
  • Cubase 9 compatibility.

Downloads Are Available Here!

Ina GRM products are available for purchase at the DontCrack Store.

GRM Tools 3 Banner Image

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