Mastering the Mix’s LEVELS has a new Lower price (and that is great news for you).

This is definitely the best news so far this year. LEVELS is the most useful piece of software out there on the audio plug-in market. Starting today the MAP price will drop to $59 from the previous $79. This makes it even easier to get the most indispensable plug-in we sell at the DontCrack store.

If you have any doubts about any aspect of your mixes, LEVELS provides you with the tools to enable you to be sure of what you are doing and banish those doubts forever.

Win the ‘Loudness War’ with LEVELS and LUFS.

For years now you have been using the compressors, limiters and ‘maximisers’ to increase the ‘loudness’ of your tracks to compete with the increasing levels of the Top 50 hits and television commercials that blast their messages to you every day.

But how do you know when you have gone too far and ‘crushed’ your mix until it is in danger of fatiguing the listener. LEVELS will show you how to avoid this by clearly showing you the LUFS (Loudness Units relative to Full Scale) of your work. If you don’t know what LUFS are, then you need to know about them right away.

Too much weight in the Bottom end? Losing punch and width?

Other common dilemmas mixers face are getting the right amount of clear punchy bass, and creating ‘width and space’ in their work. LEVELS has the tools to let you clearly see what can be improved so that the results are a technically excellent final mix.

The home display has four sections labelled Headroom, Stereo Field, Dynamic Range and Bass Space. The four section icons are clickable and open up a new dedicated central display. These displays give you insight into the technical details of your mix.Each of these sections will let you master the situation and get the very best sounding mix you could wish for.

LEVELS is available at the NEW MAP price of $59 (MSRP $89) at the DontCrack Store.

The Link for the 15 day demo is on the LEVELS product page.

LEVELS new price

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