Sample Magic’s Boost now available

Sample Magic has been releasing some of the most interesting and useful plug-ins on the market today, and now they have another one for us, Boost.

Boost is a simple, powerful mix finalising utility designed to get your music sounding as full and polished as possible using a minimal amount of processing.

Utilising cutting-edge low-latency DSP, Boost adds multi-band compression, 4-band equalisation, stereo enhancement, brickwall limiting and filters out inaudible low frequencies to give a fuller, louder and wider mix down.

With Boost you can take an idea from start to finish using just 4 simple smart controls, Compress, Colour, Stereo and Limiter. Nothing could be easier than adjusting these four parameters until you have the mix sounding the way you have been dreaming about.

Sample Magic’s Stacker is also on promo at $59 instead of the normal $99 list price.



Boost is available at the special introductory price of $59.99, instead of $109 (MSRP) today on the DontCrack Store.

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