BeatSkillz update Bollywood Maharaja to version 1.2

Our good friends at BeatSkillz have announced a FREE UPDATE to their Bollywood Maharaja plug-in, “version 1.2″.

To promote the new release, Bollywood Maharaja from Sept. 11th to 30th 2017 will be available for 50% off! Only $49.50 (MSRP $99).

NOTE : If you have purchased from ourselves, please contact BeatSkillz here for an updated download link. Be sure to supply your order receipt as an attachment for confirmation of purchase. New purchasee’s will receive the updated link in their receipt.

This update includes the following features:

  • Logic ProX Pitch knob is now working! (finally we traced and fixed this issue).
  • New Multi-Output versions of the plugin included (Now you can send each pad to its own channel and apply your favorite plugins for processing).
  • Faster Loading of the plugin and better compatibility with most DAWs.
  • A New Bollywood Maharaja Wav folder with new naming scheme so each sound has its own unique name and won’t clash with other sound banks.
  • Bigger Pan knobs on the UI for improved control.

BeatSkillz Bollywood Maharaja is available here, at the DontCrack Store.

BeatSkillz Bollywood Maharaja

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