Pibox Online Mix Collaboration service now available at DontCrack

Pibox is an exciting new service that makes it easier to share your mix and get feedback on it from your chosen group of collaborators.

Music has always been about sharing and collaborating. While you can start and finish a song completely on your own, having others contributing to a project can help drive it to new heights of excellence. In the past that meant a team of session players, producers, arrangers and engineers would have been in the same studio.

Today it is possible use any talent available globally to produce the very best music possible. This incredible resource of online music production is not without its problems. When you’re sharing ideas with other music makers, clear communication is crucial, particularly if you’re working remotely.

Fortunately, Pibox is here to make your life easy, enabling producers, engineers and musicians to work together wherever they are, and whenever it’s most convenient.

Audio files can be uploaded to your own personal cloud, and each member of the group can add their comments at specific points on a track’s timeline. The project-based workflow also enables you to upload more files as the track develops, and to work on different projects with different collaborators.

You can work in realtime, by stream tracks at 520kbps directly from your DAW, making it possible to make live corrections as the chat and comments flow.

Pibox has the answer for simplifying this new exciting way of producing music.

Features :

  • One subscription for all your collaborators and clients.
  • Professional wave comments for clear mix feedback.
  • Project-structured work and the ability to invite external collaborators.
  • 520 kbps Stereo audio calls and streaming (you can choose DAW as a source).
  • Screen sharing and video calls.
  • Chat communication and file sharing for every project (up to 190 GB per file).
  • Personal cloud storage for all your files.
  • All plans include subscription with cloud access for all team members and clients at no extra charge.

Pro Subscription :

Pibox Pro

Superior Pro Subscription :

Pibox Sup Pro

Superior Unlimited Subscription :


Pibox Online Mix Collaboration yearly subscriptions are now available at the DontCrack Store.


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