Nomad Factory’s Magnetics Bundle II on Promo

Magnetics Bundle II

The Magnetics Bundle II contains three of the Nomad Factory’s best-selling plug-ins. Plug-in enthusiasts have been using Magnetic II, Echoes, and COSMOS individually to help them do the best sounding mixes possible. The Magnetics Bundle II puts these three highly complementary plug-ins together in an affordable package.

The Bundle usually sells for $299, which is already a great saving the total cost of the three plug-ins sold separately and costing $407. Starting today and running until the end of February, it is an even better deal as it is selling for ONLY $79! The individual plug-ins that make up the bundle, Cosmos, Echoes and Magnetic II are also on Promo for ONLY $29.

The Magnetics Bundle 2 contains Magnetic II, a Reel-to-Reel Audio Tape Warming effect, Echoes, a faithful modelization of the greatest delay effects of all time and COSMOS, which uses harmonic enhancement instead of traditional EQ boosting to bring out desirable frequencies in your audio material.

These three effects are outstanding examples of the rich analog sound that Nomad Factory has built its reputation on. Used by Professionals all over the world Nomad Factory has provided for many years the effects making mixes sound as warm and rich as the recordings done entirely on analog equipement years ago.

The Nomad Factory’s Magnetics Bundle II Promos:

Video: Magnetics II by Mark AndersonAudio

Video: How To Add Weight To A Kick Drum Using Cosmos by The Noise Floor

Video: Nomad Factory Echoes – Vocal Demo by Nomad Factory

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