Toontrack announce March is “Midi Month” !

Toontrack MIDI Month

Toontrack dedicate the entire month of March to four letters that play a fundamental role in making music, MIDI. They are celebrating it with a 20% off Promo.

Get 20% off the prices of all Drum and EZKeys MIDI Packs during March. This is a great opportunity to pick up one of their packs to provide some inspiration to your song-writing. The EZKeys MIDI packs to designed to get you professional performances with all the emotional content you need for a song.

A great groove is the heartbeat of your song. Toontrack’s MIDI packs are played by real drummers, providing a wealth of musical ideas and inspiration for your songwriting.

All the Toontrack Midi Pack are available at the 20% off promo price at the DontCrack Store.

Toontrack Drum MIDI Presentation Video

Writing Songs With EZkeys & EZkeys MIDI Video

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