Ueberschall release 80′s RnB Sound Bank


Our close partner Ueberschall have released their 80′s RnB Sound Bank sample library. It captures the sound perfectly from the period before hip-hop was added to the R&B melting pot.

R&B in the 1980s had a distinctive sound. It still derived from its 1970s funk, soul and disco influences but, with synths and drum machines taking an ever-increasing role, took on a new musical character.

The performances and instrumentation were carefully crafted to place this sample collection firmly in the 1980s. Whether you want to create a retro song project for your own vocals, or need to capture the sound and style of the era for a music-to-picture cue, 80s R&B has all the sounds – and the smooth tunes – that you will need.

The 80′s RnB Sound Bank is available at The DontCrack Store.

80′s RnB Sound Bank:

  • 3.2 GB of superb loops, sounds and samples
  • 10 Construction Kits, ready to be used in your compositions
  • 824 80s R&B Loops & Samples


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