Toontrack update EZkeys to version 1.2.5

Toontrack EZkeys

Toontrack have today announce the update to EZkeys to v1.2.5, available for all EZkeys owners in product manager/accounts, featuring the following fixes and changes: -

New Features, Fixes and Improvements

  • EZkeys is now compatible with GarageBand on macOS High Sierra.
  • The Windows standalone should no longer have tiny windows on high-DPI screens.
  • In demo mode when loading certain library presets, wrong samples got loaded.
  • Opening a Pro Tools project containing EZkeys would sometimes cause not all sounds to load for certain keys.
  • If the tempo in Pro Tools is specified for a note length other than a quarter note, EZkeys (with Follow Host on) will now show/use the correct tempo (recalculated to quarter notes per minute).
  • It should no longer hang when playing certain MIDI.
  • Fixed a crash and some other bugs in Randomize Chords.
  • In standalone, it was not possible to open projects saved from the plug-in in a DAW, and vice versa.
  • Chord inversion was not recalled when a DAW project was loaded.
  • Loop area wasn’t saved in projects.
  • Wrong tempo was shown if you loaded a project in standalone.
  • The tooltip saying how many megabytes are loaded (over the loading bar and the word “Library”) was sometimes not accessible when loading had finished and sometimes showed a too small number.
  • Fixed a case where keys would stay pressed graphically even though they were no longer playing.
  • The chord display was sometimes not cleared when playback stopped in some hosts.
  • On some macOS versions it was not possible to drag and drop MIDI from certain programs/plug-ins to EZkeys.
  • It is no longer possible (in the 64-bit Mac version) to quit the standalone or to get a quit dialog when a modal dialog is already open.
  • Updated Overloud effect library.
  • Updated network and audio device support.

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