Mixvibes World Cup Promos


Mixvibes are a French company. They are extremely proud of their team’s victory at the World Cup and to celebrate this great event they have announced a World Cup sale, starting today and ending August 12th.


Remixvideo, is available at the promo price of $49 (List $149) at the DontCrack Store

Cross, is available at the promo price of $69 (List $129) at the DontCrack Store

About Mixvibes

Mixvibes has been developing music, DJ and video apps for Mac/PC, iOS and Android for over 15 years. The company also contributed to Pioneer’s rekordboxTM, the standard music management software used in clubs all over the world.

Cross employs powerful BPM detection to allow perfect in-sync mixing, key detection for smooth and harmonic mixies, and an abundance of features (Ableton link, MIDI control, in-built audio effects, video file import compatible with all codecs, video transition effects, and iTunes integration; to name a few) for the most in-demand and creative workflows in the industry.

Remixvideo offers an intuitive interface software applications, both based around a modular grid system offering support for any MIDI pad controller through MIDI learn. Remxvideo, offers full control over video and music matching and real-time sample editing with support for all the main AV formats (AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG…) and video codecs (h264, HAP, M-JPEG…). The software also come with Ableton Link, making it possible to easily sync them with any compatible software.

Remixvideo Overview

DJ Troubl’ Vinyl Performance – Mixvibes Cross

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