New P&M Amp Simulation Video

The latest video about the Plug & Mix V.I.P. Bundle has been released. It focuses on the Guitar Amp Simulation plug-ins contained in the bundle. This time Jerry starts by using dry guitar tracks and then applies the Amp Sims to each of them, building his guitar tones. Take a look to see how Plug & Mix plug-ins can help you get great guitar sounds very quickly.

The new “Guitar Amps in the Plug & Mix V.I.P. Bundle” video

The complete V.I.P. Bundle from P&M is available at $99 right now at the DontCrack Store

The Individual Plug-ins from P&M are available at $19 right now at the DontCrack Store

The V.I.P. Bundle is on sale for $99 this month. With 50 great-sounding plug-ins now included in this collection, that means each plug-ins costs less than $2!

The V.I.P. Bundle from Plug & Mix is unique in many ways. It started out as a collection of 20 plug-ins that were developed in response to demand for great sound quality and total efficiency. Over the years Plug & Mix listened to the suggestions of the users to add another 30 audio effects and has now grown to include 50 plug-ins. They are now used in audio productions and post-production studios throughout the world.

With the V.I.P plug-in series, dialing in a great sound has never been easier: Simply load the plug-in and turn a knob or two for instant sonic satisfaction.

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