Puremix Black Friday deals on their subscriptions


Puremix are promoting their One Year Subscription at $164.99 (List $274.99) and Three Month Subscription at $74.99 (List $104.99) from today until December 3rd.

Get a Puremix One Year Subscription for only $164.99

Get a Puremix Three Month Subscription for only $74.99

About Puremix Video Tutorials :

Puremix has created quite a name for itself by bringing really clear and insightful tutorials to the web to assist those persons who haven’t had access to the “traditional” way of learning all the tips and tricks that help one to get the most out of mixing and recording.

Learn mixing with multi-platinum artists, such as Andrew Scheps, Chris Lord-Alge, Ryan Hewitt, Al Schmitt, Mick Guzauski, and Mark Needham as they share their experience and their tips and tricks. Learn what’s not in the manual, get the inside knowledge that makes the difference between an average production and an outstanding one.

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