Blue Cat Audio Energy Pack on promo during “Dynamics Crunch Month”


Want to bring energy and dynamics to your tracks? Looking for a complete wideband, multi-band and side chain dynamics processing solution? Now you can have get it for 35% off the list price during “Dynamics Crunch Month”.

Get Blue Cat Audio Energy Pack here for only $299! (List $399)

About the Blue Cat Audio Energy Pack :

This bundle of plug-ins includes our best tools to manage the dynamics of your audio tracks: Blue Cat’s Peak Meter Pro monitors the levels and offers unique ducking capabilities thanks to its side chain features. Blue Cat’s Dynamics includes all you need for broadband dynamics processing, while Blue Cat’s MB-5 Dynamix takes care of multiband effects. Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer is the perfect companion for these dynamics processors: it will let you create powerful multiband side chain effects. Finally, Blue Cat’s Protector’s simple yet efficient limiting capabilities completes the bundle.


  • Blue Cat’s Digital Peak Meter Pro
  • Blue Cat’s Dynamics 4.0
  • Blue Cat’s MB-5 Dynamics
  • Blue Cats MB-7 Mixer
  • Blue Cat’s Protector
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