Mastering The Mix update ‘Bassroom’ to version 1.0.1


Mastering The Mix have announced version 1.0.1 of their great new plug-in ‘Bassroom’. This extremely useful utility lets you nail the low-end balance for your mixes in seconds.

About Mastering The Mix’s Bassroom :

BASSROOM is a final mix and mastering EQ that helps beginners and pros nail their low-end in seconds. It does this by delivering exceptional sound quality and suggesting genre-specific EQ adjustments a great audio engineer in a world-class studio would make.

Mastering The Mix have analyzed the best mixes in various genres to give you EQ target presets you can trust. You can also create your own targets with BASSROOM’s inbuilt analysis tools. From this starting point, you can tweak your low-end to perfection using the immersive 3D room interface.

Release Notes & Bug Fixes in Version 1.0.1

  • Added Bypass automation.
  • Selecting all, or from the beginning, or to the end of a reference track causes a crash is fixed.
  • Wavelab and maybe other DAWs don’t set session sample rate on startup so reference tracks previously saved within BASSROOM cant be loaded. Saved targets are still loaded however, and ref tracks can be loaded during a session.
  • Wavelab and maybe other DAWs don’t set transport position so this meant targets didn’t show up, this is fixed.
  • Strange noise can be heard if buffer latency is not a multiple of 32 (e.g. 256, 515 e.t.c.) Added pop-up reminder if latency is not a multiple of 32.
  • Output gain added as parameter so is now saved with session and can be automated.
  • Short Term LUFS targets optional display.
  • Smoothed Integrated LUFS targets.
  • A free update available immediately to all Bassroom owners.

Get the Mastering The Mix ‘Bassroom’ Version 1.01 here

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