MIA Lab’s 925 Comp and Pi and Phi MK2 on Promo !

MIA Labs Pi and Phi and 925 Comp March 2020

Awesome EQ and Compression plug-ins from MIA Labs at up-to 75% off, for a limited time only !

About the 925 Compressor

The 925 is MIA Laboratories’ preferred main mix compressor. Designed using physical modelling principles, based around the classic ‘feed-back’ topology in hardware circuit-design.

Key design features include:

  • Variable knee response allowing more compression to be applied, esp. on high-transient sounds like percussion, samples, vocals etc.
  • A sidechain detection stage based on the basic analog envelope detector circuit.
  • Logarithmic gain reduction, since the ear’s sense of sound level is roughly logarithmic.

About Pi and Phi MK2

Pi and Phi is MIA Lab’s hallmark product, designed to impress, and deliver. Pi & Phi MkII, the second generation of the original Pi & Phi, allows you to explore and unleash its full potential like never before!

The astonishing effect of Pi and Phi has to be heard to be appreciated, the closest description one could possibly give, is the overall result of ‘more!’ of everything. The outcome emphasizes the musicality and the amplitude in a psycho-acoustic way, along with smoothing of the harmonics.

It is a “Phase and Time EQ”, based on the logarithmic perception of space-time fused into a plugin!

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