AAS Kicks and Snares and Ultra Analog VA-3 Promos

AAS Kicks and Snares Ultra Analog VA-3 Promos April 2020

You can never have too many Kicks and Snares…for Ultra Analog VA-3 and AAS Player !

Kicks and Snares

Resident sound designer Adam Pietruszko signs off on an expertly crafted and clever collection of punchy bass drum and cut-through snare presets in this new sound pack for Ultra Analog VA-3.

Bring new energy to your productions by laying a solid foundation with either classic analog drum machine inspired sounds or experimental and processed elements. Use Ultra Analog VA-3 to smartly shape each sound easily with inventive macro-control assignments for an infinite amount of sound possibilities—especially when combined with track automation.

Along with its 30 kicks, 30 snares, and 25 rhythm grooves, hi-hats and various percussions were added to the pack for good measure, making Kicks and Snares a complete drum track solution for your projects.

*Also included in the “Libraries” pack, and Ultra Analog VA-3 + Packs bundle.

Features :

  • 30 kicks
  • 30 snares
  • 25 rhythm grooves
  • Hi-hats
  • Various percussions

What Else is On Promo ?

Through May, you can save on all Ultra Analog VA-3 sound packs (only $19 each), plus the Ultra Analog VA-3 virtual instrument (50% off) and bundle ($199) with all packs!

  • Ultra Analog VA-3 – The finest in Analog Synth Sounds.
  • Ultra Analog VA-3 +PACKS – Includes all packs, inc. the new Kicks and Snares.
  • Ultra FX – Perfect for sound designers doing films, animations, or video games.
  • Transparency – 149 rich presets exploring the percussive nature of the VA-3.
  • Technocracy – Tech House, Minimal, Melodic, Dub, Dark, and Mainroom.
  • Starlight – Teleport your music into another dimension…
  • Sounds from BLKRTZ – Earth shaking lows and shimmering highs.
  • Reverence – An ode to modern and vintage analog synths.
  • Raw – Subtle warmth to screaming distortion, the natural overdrive of VA-3′s filters.
  • Plastic Pop – Muse back at arpeggio, bass, effects, lead, and pad sounds of the 80s.
  • Pivotal – Upfront, and mood altering sounds, as addictive as any good stimulant.
  • Low End Theory – Super low bass sounds, fast and punchy kick drums, to phat saw leads, and more.
  • Cinematheque – 142 presets screened into Cluster, Rhythm, SFX, Synthesizer, and Texture categories.
  • Angelicals – A retro-futuristic flashback in progressive and experimental electronic music.
  • Analog Essentials – Arpegios, basses, pads, percussions, synths, and sound effects that will perfectly complement your next production.
  • Abstractions – 127 signature sounds covering standard analog categories but revisited with Richard Devine’s unique style and aesthetics.
  • 30.8676Hz – Movements and Stills. Your dose of ferocious thumping action, fat, snoring, and wobbly analog goodness.

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