GRM Tools Classic 3 on promo at 60% off


The GRM Classic 3 collection of plug-ins is the first choice of sound designers around the world.

About GRM Tools Classic 3 :

GRM have been at the forefront of unique technologies and design for over two decades, creating exquisite plug-ins mainly used in the post-production film work by the likes of Skywalker Sound and other facilities in use on your favourite films to-date (inc. the successful 2015 release, Mad Max – Fury Road).

GRM Tools Classic contains eight audio plug-ins that offers powerful audio processing and creative sound design features:

  • Comb Filters: five high-Q in-parallel comb filters
  • Delays: Up to 128 delays with modulation
  • Doppler: Move sounds with changes in pitch that correspond to their movement
  • Band Pass: Band pass or band reject filter with exceptionally steep slopes
  • Freeze: Temporal freeze made of loops
  • Shuffling: Temporal shuffling of sound fragments
  • Pitch Accum: Two independent transposers, with delays and modulation
  • Reson: up to 128 resonating high-pass, low-pass or band-pass filters

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