Toontrack’s Twisted Kit EZX & Shuffled Backbeats MIDI Sale


Great savings on Twisted Kit EZX & Shuffled Backbeats MIDI from Toontrack only until April 12th !

Twisted Kit EZX

In October of 1985 Tom Waits released the album Rain Dogs. The album was an instant classic and marked a new sound for him. A rough, dirty neo-blues style with awkward rhythms and hard edges.

Part of the band that contributed to that sound was drummer and percussionist Michael Blair. His highly personal instrument set-up which included a mix of regular drums and odd bits and pieces like trashcans, bedroom furniture and rusty bicycle frames. Michael Blair crosses over boundaries of industrial, blues, ethnic, orchestral, and replacement percussion to form a unique sound.

Shuffled Backbeats MIDI

A broad palette of shuffled drum grooves for anything from classic rock to modern pop.

There’s something about those swung eighth and sixteenth notes – not only theoretically, but physically. The moment you nudge those seemingly insignificant notes back, you instantly get a completely different feel and rhythm.

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