Exclusive DUY Analog Bundle – 70% for one week only !


Exclusive Deal – Get 70% off DUY’s Analog Bundle, this week only !

With all DUY plug-ins now available to buy, we’re offering the “Analog Bundle” exclusively at a tantalizing $229 (list $755), until October 28th.

The Analog Bundle contains DUY’s famous DaD Valve and DaD Tape plug-ins, used by famous engineers worldwide.

DUY DaD Valve is a physical-modeling-based, classic tube simulator for digital audio systems, featuring the most popular types of valves (triode, tetrode, and pentode) with a full range of biasing and operating levels.

DUY DaD Tape simulates the sound of analog tapes for digital audio systems and it features physical modeling of the four most representative tape recorders on the market.

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