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Ircam Verb-Promo-2021-fin

The best tool for creating “real spaces” in audio mixing

The Ircam Verb, halfway between reverberation and a spatialization engine, is a really interesting product representing the state-of-the-art in-room acoustics simulation and reverberation. Built on decades of research by IRCAM’s Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces Team, offering unique innovative acoustic simulation techniques using complex perceptual models.

The strength of the Verb engine is the ability it has to create an acoustic field taking into account the spatialization of the sources. It results in first reflection, late reflections, and diffuse fields that follow the localization. The Ircam Verb is at the foundation of our flagship immersive software, SPAT Revolution.

Time-limited promotion introducing the revised updated version of Ircam Verb :

Updates and Improvements :

  • Setup section updated to handle various track format types and channel order
  • Automatic detection of track format/channel order for some DAWs
  • Improved handling of the localization for 3D
  • Layer based arrangements such as Atmos

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