Pulsar Audio Plug-ins Updates

Pulsar OCT 2021 PROMO(1)

All Pulsar plugins are on sale for the occasion

Pulsar Audio create high quality emulations of analog hardware. They are celebrating the update of their classic compressors and delay, now supporting Apple Silicon M1, Windows High-DPI monitors, and updated DAWs (Steinberg Cubase, Presonus Studio One, Reaper…) with a great promo.

Get Mu, Echorec, Smasher and Pulsar 1178 on promo now.



  • Added native support for Apple Silicon M1 processor architecture
  • Added support for high-DPI monitors on Windows
  • Added the choice of plugin formats to install in Mac installers
  • Added a “Restore Factory Presets” option in Mac and Windows installers
  • Added compressors Gain Reduction reporting in Studio One


  • Fixed scaling issues in some MacOS Retina monitors
  • Fixed VST3 resize issue in Studio One and FL Studio
  • Fixed VST2 windowing issue in Ozone
  • Fixed a bypass-related VST3 crash in Cubase 11
  • Fixed crash in AU / dual mono in Logic Pro
  • Fixed crash at init on some OpenGL systems
  • Fixed random OpenGL crash when closing the plugin’s window
  • Fixed Compare function in Pro Tools
  • Fixed occasional help balloons text overflow
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the animations in the GUI to freeze

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