Zynaptiq AI Mastering Promo

Zynaptiq Master Bundle Promo OCT2021


For one week only, the MASTER BUNDLE and its single plugin components (INTENSITY, UNFILTER, UNMIX::DRUMS) will be up to 60% off!

AI-Powered Audio Mastering

Zynaptiq Master Bundle offers AI-powered audio mastering for maximum quality with minimum effort. Whether you are a mastering or mixing engineer, music producer or artist, the MASTER Bundle will save you massive amounts of time while providing unbeatable results!

What’s included in the MASTER Bundle :

UNFILTER solves any EQ problems auto-magically.

INTENSITY adds clarity, increases density, and boosts loudness to your tracks without breaking a sweat.

UNMIX::DRUMS allows to change the level and punch of drums in a mixed recording or on the drum bus.

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