Mathew Lane release TiCo version 1.3

Mathew Lane TiCo NOV2021

TiCo takes your mix to the next level with ease.

TiCo is a flexible signal processor plugin, featuring 7 ‘TiGHTNESS’ compression and 7 ‘CoNTOUR’ character styles to take any source – drums, bass, guitars, synths, vocals, (mix)busses, masters & more

It is designed to get great results fast. It’s a go-to signal processor for that modern pop sound, and might quickly become your everyday all-round compressor and sound shaper. With its clear interface, it does not confuse with an abundance of options, but lets you focus on your music itself.

The huge CPU performance improvement of v1.3 allows users to load more TiCo instances in their projects, and enjoy TiCo’s analog-like quality without previous limitations.

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