FLUX:: Session Analyzer Upgrade Promo


Now with Loudness and Hardware I/O support

FLUX:: Session Analyzer now includes loudness metering with pre-configured metering modes for norms following the ITU-1770 and EBU-R128 standards, and for streaming platforms such as; Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Apple, Netflix, and more.

Session Analyzer now also includes full support for standard hardware I/O using ASIO and Core Audio, in addition to the SampleGrabber plugin, with up to 2 channels (Mono/Stereo) and support for sample rates up to 384 kHz (DXD), including; 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 384 DXD.

Session Analyzer, the lite version of the Flux Analyzer Essential, is on promo for a limited time only.

The Analyzer System is a modular RTA-system providing an extensive range of analyzer options for any imaginable audio analysis and measurement applications.

Flux Analyzer Essential now also includes the loudness metering option by default with all the features from the metering add-on option.

See the video below from White Sea Studio to learn more about how Flux Analyzer can help in Gain Staging.

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