New Pulsar Audio Massive

Pulsar Audio Massive MAY2022

The Most Complete Passive EQ

Pulsar Audio new plug-in MASSIVE is an emulation of the famous Manley Massive Passive EQ.

The original Massive Passive EQ was designed as the synthesis of the best passive equalizer designs of the last 70 years. It is now omnipresent in the best mixing and mastering studios.

Pulsar have taken the Massive design even further, adding all the key features you would expect from a modern, versatile EQ plug-in: visual curve editing for a fast workflow and a drive parameter to push the inductor and tube saturation stages harder for even more vibe.

Pulsar Massive is also designed and built to complement their variable-bias compressor plug-in, Pulsar Mu. This powerful combo already constitutes a complete mastering chain that allows a musical and colorful control of the spectrum and dynamics.

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