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    PolyFractus Downloads

    Polyfractus (Dragan Petrovic) is a talented programmer offering most of his work as freeware. He's developed several amazing VST plug-ins.


    Freeware by PolyFractus

      AutoDynamicAutoDynamic  Plug-ins & effects - A strange compressor/gate VST plug-in  mac
      FX-DelayFX-Delay  Plug-ins & effects - a multi-tap delay plug-in.  mac
      Minimal Music PlugMinimal Music Plug  Plug-ins & effects - a special multi loop player  mac
      ModelModel  Plug-ins & effects - Modulation Delay  mac
      R-MixR-Mix  Plug-ins & effects - a loop editing tool.  mac
      ResonatorResonator  Plug-ins & effects - a comb filters plug-in.  mac
      SpectrogramSpectrogram  Plug-ins & effects - a real-time spectrum analyzer  mac
      VST Plug-insVST Plug-ins  Plug-ins & effects - 2 VST plug-ins: ModDelay & FX-Ring.  mac

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