Cluster Sound Releases Cult Bass Synthesizer

Cult Bass is an advanced multi-sample bass synthesizer built for use with Kontakt 4 and aimed primarily at producers of Minimal, Techouse and Electronic.

Based on over 1758 Wav samples, Cult Bass has been carefully crafted to provide you with the perfect tool to create ultra-low, fat and pristine bass sounds.

Cult Bass is the first Kontakt Instrument which implements a “dual oscillator” structure: you will be able to select and play simultaneously two independent bass waveforms without loading new patches. This is a very useful feature which allows to instantly create new sounds simply by replacing the oscillators in one of the 128 included presets.

To start playing Cult Bass right away, you can use its powerful presets (Combo – Pitchmod – Filtermod – Enveloped) and create/save your own patches simply by manipulating its 65 parameters. The user interface provides a multi-filter section (LP4 – LP2 – BP – HP – Vowel – Phazor), 4 LFO & 4 envelopes (Pitch – Volume – Cutoff – Resonance), 6 onboard effects (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay, Reverb, Distorton) and dedicated Volume – Tune – Pan for each oscillator. Specifications :

• 1,6 Gigabytes
• 1758 Wav Samples
• 128 Instrument Presets
• Dual Oscillator structure
• 30 Bass waveforms
• 5 Filters : LP4 – LP2 – BP – HP – Vowel – Phazor
• 4 LFO : Cutoff, Resonance, Volume, Pitch
• 3 kind of LFO : Sinusod, Rectangle, Saw
• 4 Envelopes : Cutoff – Resonance – Volume – Pitch
• 6 FX : Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay, Reverb, Distorton
• Separated Volume – Pan – Tune

Cult Bass Synthesizer costs €39.95

For more info, demo samples and MP3 tracks, visit their web site at

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