Foo-YC20 – Free Combo Organ Synth

Foo presents Foo-YC20, a physical modelling combo organ synthesizer. This synth is an accurate copy of the Yamaha YC20 organ, including some of the flaws found in such instruments. This project is open source and the processing code is written in a functional DSP language called FAUST.


  • Physical modelling, no polyphony restrictions.
  • Two main voice sections.
  • Switchable bass section.
  • A realism control to add flaws found in the real organ.


  • Touch vibrato is not emulated.
  • Takes quite a bit of CPU power.

Foo-YC20 is free and Open Source. The Source Code is available under the GPLv3. Available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. In addition to a standalone JACK client, there’s an LV2 plug-in for Linux and VSTi for Mac OS X and Windows.

Product Page

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