50% off Eventide’s Quadravox !

An Eventide promo is always worthy of attention!

This one is for 50% off on one of their coolest products, Quadravox, until the end of October.

Eventide is the inventor and master of everything that has to with Pitch-shifting. There is still no one out there who does it as well.

Quadravox uses this technology and lets you take any incoming tones and generate up to four voices based on the chosen key and timing interval. It’s optimized for multiple instances so your tracks can interact with each other by way of beautiful harmonies and groovy sequences. You could even make the drums sing in harmony if you want to!

Play around with it and explore its creative power by demoing Quadravox Now!

Quadravox is available at only $49! (MSRP $99) on the DontCrack Store.

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