NUGEN Audio updates Stereopack Elements to v1.0.1

NUGEN Audio updates Stereopack Elements, to version 1.0.1. This maintenance release includes several compatibility and stability fixes:

  • VST3 state issue fixed.
  • OS X licensing issue fixed.
  • OS X retina support improved.
  • Master Bypass delay fixed.

This is a recommended free update for all existing users. To update, DOWNLOAD HERE !

Rapid, intuitive access to the big sound all professionals strive for. Through effortlessly accessible interfaces, the Stereo Pack Elements collection delivers with the assurance of superb mono compatibility and no unwanted artifacts.

Take complete control of your stereo panorama with three powerful tools offering incredible flexibility in a highly accessible and configurable combination. Built on the same core technology found in the full Stereo Pack, the NUGEN Audio Stereo Pack Elements can be relied upon to deliver first class audio from the outset.

Key features

Naturally widen or reduce the stereo image, focus and define low frequencies, and take control of your stereo soundfield. All three plug-ins are highly mono-compatible, uniquely maintaining the original character of the source audio without introducing strange phase, reverb or delay artifacts.

  • Expand stereo naturally and artifact-free.
  • Full mono-compatibility.
  • Leave original source character intact.
  • Sharpen bass.
  • Clear visual feedback via intuitive interfaces.
  • Stereo image reconstruction.

Stereopack Elements is available for $99 at the DontCrack Store.

Nugen Stereopack Elements

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