Nomad Factory ‘Promo of the Year’

Nomad Factory has just announced a crazy promo where you can save up to 80% off the list prices. The entire product line is on sale including the latest releases, Bus Driver, Analog Studio Rack, Drum Tools and Garbage LSD.

Nomad Factory since its earliest days has been a benchmark in capturing the ‘analog sound’. They worked for decades in recording studios and know what that ‘sound’ is. They didn’t use test equipement for measurements and emulate from the read-outs they got, they knew what felt ‘right’ and worked hard to make sure the plug-ins had it. Nomad doesn’t mimic Analog, they capture the soul of Analog. And that’s why they are so sought after.

So please take advantage of these prices to pick up a few that might add a bit of Analog magic to your tracks. Please be aware the latest releases are not included in Integral Studio Pack as it stands today.

All the Nomad Factory products are available at the incredible Promo prices at the DontCrack Store.

Nomad Factory Promo

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