BBE Sound release Sonic Sweet v4 !

Following a successful public beta, BBE Sound are proud to announce the official release of Sonic Sweet v4!

BBE Sound products have been used on countless productions to give them more sparkle in the high end and a richer fatter sound in the low end without being “muddy”. BBE products have been copied over and over again but people stick to the BBE Sound trademark because they are quite simply the best sound tools in their category.

To celebrate this, Sonic Sweet v4 will be available at the “limited time” introductory price of ONLY $99. Sonic Sweet v4 is a FREE upgrade for registered V3 owners.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who gave their time and provided feedback by testing the public beta version. THANK YOU!

Sonic Sweet v4 adds the following features and enhancements :

  • Fully rewritten with our brand new “Powered by Plugivery” framework
  • Major interface redesign with Retina/HiDPI support on compatible hosts
  • Optimized DSP algorithms with up to 50% less CPU usage
  • VST3 support for Mac and Windows (32/64 bit)
  • Touch screen support
  • A/B switch with copy and swap functions
  • Help tooltips when hovering knobs
  • Automatic check for updates
  • Easy activation process integrated into the plug-in
  • Pro Tools automation menu & colors
  • System report feature, useful when contacting support
  • Uninstaller for Mac in addition to Windows
  • Many minor performance & stability improvements

Sonic Maximizer

BBE Sonic Maximizer v4

Professional musicians and studio engineers have known for years, the Sonic Maximizer is the best way to get that professional sound and extra sparkle that is so difficult to capture. Now you can access BBE processing technology within the digital domain.

The Sonic Maximizer plug-in is identical to the physical unit in terms of utility features and processing. BBE’s advanced sonic processing technology and proprietary algorithms have allowed the creation of an outstanding and well received plug-in in the industry.

Harmonic Maximizer

BBE Harmonic Maximizer v4

Harmonic Maximizer increases presence and clarity, restores natural brightness and adds deeper and extended low frequencies.

Harmonic Maximizer can be used in the studio on individual tracks or an entire mix, or live to enhance the sound of a P.A. system for example.

Loudness Maximizer

BBE Loudness Maximizer v4

Loudness Maximizer is a mixing and mastering multi-band limiter plug-in. Its ultimate transparency allows Loudness Maximizer to ‘dramatically’ increase the overall level of your mix without audible pumping effects.

Loudness Maximizer uses simple controls, turning the Sensitivity up will increase the level of your overall mix without clipping or overloading.

Mach 3 Bass

BBE Mach 3 Bass v4

As a new addition to the Sonic Sweet lineup, Mach 3 Bass will take your low end to new sonic depths. Insert this plug-in on any type off bass instrument or signal where you need a big boost on the low end. Mach 3 Bass allows you to easily dial in the frequency you want to accentuate and “bump the bass”.

Important notes for v3 users :
  • This release drops support for RTAS, 32bit hosts on Mac and AAX 32bit (Pro Tools 10). System requirements changed to MacOS 10.8 / Windows 7 or later.
  • Installation will remove previous installs of version 3.x on your systems (inc. your license file). Your “User Presets” are saved for each plug-in and are converted upon instantiation of the plug-in in your DAW and load in the preset manager. Saved presets with v4 are not backwards compatible.

Please note, if you are upgrading from version 3 and have multiple system/user accounts, please run the v4 installer on each account to ensure your user presets are ported.

After install you will be requested to re-authorize the plug-in with your activation code supplied in order confirmation receipt. If you do not have that available to hand, please note, you may view your licenses at any time by visiting the following sites and logging in with your purchase email address, and selecting the “Licenses” tab…

If you choose to update your plug-ins to VST3 please note you will also need to install VST2 so your previous sessions recall correctly.

In some DAWs (Studio One) when switching from VST2 to VST3, your automation is recalled but not linked to actual plug-ins parameters. You will need to add automation lanes again and copy your previous automation to it.

Important notes for Public Beta testers :
  • Final v4 is not backwards-compatible with v4 beta. This means sessions, presets, settings and licenses files saved with v4 beta won’t load with final v4 official release.
  • Before installing final v4, please uninstall any v4 beta, including your user data.

If you had any user presets in v3, please backup any *.mfxprg files from each plug-in user presets directories. You can restore them after installation of final v4 and they will be ported again to v4 preset format on load with the v4 plug-in.

MAC – Users/[your username]/Documents/BBE Sound/Sonic Sweet/[Plug-in Name]/Presets

WIN – %UserProfile%\Documents\BBE Sound\Sonic Sweet\[Plug-in Name]/Presets

The Uninstaller app can be found at:

MAC – Main HD/Library/Application Support/BBE Sound/Sonic Sweet/

WIN – %ProgramData%\BBE Sound\Sonic Sweet\uninstall.exe

** Mac users: Make sure the “BBE Sound” folder in each user Documents folder gets deleted with the uninstaller, otherwise please remove it manually.

BBE Sound Sonic Sweet v4, available for a limited time introductory price of ONLY $99, at the DontCrack Store.

BBE Sound Sonic Sweet v4

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