Sound Radix Announce POWAIR v1.1 Update

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SoundRadix’ POWAIR, its compressor/loudness leveler plug-in for macOS and Windows, has been updated to v1.1. This update includes many new features and improvements. Available now at the DontCrack Store.

SoundRadix POWAIR, available at the DontCrack Store

This update includes a host of improvements, bug fixes, new features and a completely rewritten User Manual by audio educator and frequent MIX Magazine contributor, Brandon Hickey.

New Features & Improvements:

  • Added peak clipping options.
  • Added user-definable meter peak hold.
  • Improved performance.
  • Added UI scaling (75% – 200%).
  • Limiting is now based on true-peak.
  • SCF – improved filter phase-response.
  • Pro Tools (AAX), Studio One 3.x (VST3) – support gain reduction meter.
  • Pro Tools (AAX) – support automation key modifiers.
  • Presets names are now being stored and recalled.
  • Bypass makes UI grayscale.
  • Minor UI tweaks and improvements.

Fixes :

  • A/B states were not properly stored and recalled.
  • Meters/Leveler did not clear state when playing after stopping.
  • VST denormalization-related performance issues.
  • Possible crash on Digital Performer (VST).
  • Input meter could show noise-floor instead of silence.
  • Various cosmetic UI inconsistencies.
  • SCF – possible crash when LF was set to highest frequency.
  • SCF – Solo didn’t work when the compressor was off.
  • M/S mode was processed in Leveler stage.
  • Fixes & improvements to auto gain compensation and side-chain compression.
  • Switching between Mono/Stereo instance on Logic X could lead to a crash.
  • AAX with side-chain could produce silence when rendered offline. (Commit/Freeze/Bounce Offline).
  • VST3 might not work with Direct Offline Processing.
  • In some settings, dry signal could be not dry.
  • Possible crash when inputting out-of-range values.
  • Fixes & improvements to Windows installer.


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