Audified announce new lower pricing for MixChecker

Audified MixChecker

Effective today Audified has lowered the price of MixChecker Pro from $199 to $145 and MixChecker from $145 to $79. These ultimate mixing assistants will help you to get better mixes instantly.

Get MixChecker Pro for ONLY $145

Get MixChecker for ONLY $79

About MixChecker :

In the past, to ensure your mix sounds right on any device, you had to export your sound and listen in different conditions. Import your mix to your smartphone, burn on CD and listen in your car, get back to your studio, do little tweaks and export again…

Now you can use the MixChecker to perform quick tests simulating diffent listening environments that will only take a few seconds. And get back to mixing and corrections while you still know what the problem in your mix was.

MixChecker Pro Features :

  • Simulations of average/standard consumer commercial devices
  • New simulations
  • Create sets of simulations
  • Custom settings and labels for buttons
  • Adds a possibility to add some audio background with adjustable volume
  • Auto Advance. You don’t need to browse through simulations manually
  • Advanced stereo
  • Web browser, iOS and Android remote control. MixChecker Pro comes accompanied by web browser, mobile phone or tablet control. You may walk around your studio when checking the final mix

Mix Checker Features :

  • Simulations of average/standard consumer commercial devices
  • Compensation for smaller monitors
  • Hear what your audience will hear
  • Instant check – instant corrections
  • No more extra exports
  • Enormous amount of time saved

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