Nomad Factory’s E-3B Compressor on promo at 65% OFF


With Nomad Factory’s E-3B Compressor you have a powerful Multiband Compressor that brings together all the vital controls of multiband compression within an easy-to-use interface. From today is on sale at $19, a saving of $40 off the $59 list price!

Get Nomad Factory’s E-3B Compressor for ONLY $19

About the Nomad Factory’s E-3B Compressor:

With 3-band compression, Brick-Wall limiting, L/R Swap and Curve Mode EQ, this compressor is a powerful and flexible solution for any mixing or mastering project.The Multiband Compressor brings together all the vital controls of multiband compression.

Move the crossovers to define the frequency bands, adjust the Gain, add compression and Solo each band individually to create your sound with precision. This powerful compressor is ideal for any studio environment.

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