Nomad Factory’s E Maximizer on promo at 65% OFF


With Nomad Factory’s E Maximizer is an easy-to-use peak limiter for increasing audio levels. This Maximizer delivers look-ahead, brick-wall limiting to maximize the levels of any mixing or mastering project. From today is on sale at $19, a saving of $40 off the $59 list price!

Get Nomad Factory’s E Maximizer for ONLY $19

About the Nomad Factory’s E Maximizer :

E Maximizer gives you the analog vintage warmth that Nomad Factory products are famous for. Input levels are individually adjustable for Left and Right channels.

You lower the Threshold to engage the limiter, and the levels are automatically increased to compensate for the attenuation. The release setting control is your key to getting extremely smooth limiting. The Out Ceiling always caps the maximum output at a safe level.

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